Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to work with my good friend Joram Adams from Supervillan co. on many amazing projects not only showcasing my riding but also some of the fantastic places around New Zealand. these videos have been produced in conjunction with City Councils, Tourism boards and Private companies.


Discover PoriruaPorirua City Council (March 2018).

This video was made in conjunction with Porirua City council. it was designed to showcase the riding on offer around the Porirua region both in terms of quality and variety.


Welcome to Summer Earshot Headphones (November 2017).

Produced for good friends Earshot Headphones, this video was shot as a short, punchy video to generate user interaction and awareness of the Earshot as we transitioned into summer.


Mountain biking Adventure I love Nelson Tasman (May 2018).

In Wellington, the perception is that the best way to get out of town for a weekend of riding is to head to Rotorua. Joram and I traveled to Nelson to document how easy it is, and how much riding you can do if you head south rather than north for your adventures.


Wellington video series -Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (March – September 2018)

Shining the spotlight on specific riding areas within Wellington, this series was to show kiwis just how good the riding is in their own back yard. It was also pitched to the Australian eastern seaboard. The three videos were massively successful with fantastic engagement and there are more in the pipeline!

Mt Victoria.

Mt Victoria is utterly unique given its proximity to the CBD, a regular lunchtime haunt, there are trails for everybody a stones through from your favourite cafe/pub.

Makara Peak.

Makara Peak is one of the oldest purpose built parks in the country, it has come a long way since its inception and the trail network on offer is world class.

Mystic Portal.

Recently rebuilt, Mystic Portal offers jumps like none other in the city.

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