World Championships 2018: Lenzerheide,Switzerland.

Ahhh World Champs, the culmination of a season of hard work, the biggest race of the year. Getting selected to represent New Zealand is always a goal of mine each year, it is such an awesome feeling to be able to put on the Silver Fern. This year the World Championships was held in Lenzerheide, … Continue reading World Championships 2018: Lenzerheide,Switzerland.

2018 IXS European cup round 5: Brandnertal, Austria

Following on from La Bresse and the ankle dramas, we headed back to Austria for the last round of IXS cup series.  Having an extra few days to get the ankle feeling better was a massive bonus and I was so excited to be feeling better. However this wasn’t to last long as I came … Continue reading 2018 IXS European cup round 5: Brandnertal, Austria

2018 World Cup #7: La Bresse, France

The end of August is a funny time in the Mountain biking world, it is when all the race series start wrapping up for the season which, after such a hectic 3 months always seems to come up ridiculously quickly. One moment you are in Fort William battling the midges and then before you know … Continue reading 2018 World Cup #7: La Bresse, France

Spicak European cup 2018

Well eight weeks and seven blogs in...I am well and truly ready for a break. But not before letting you all know the 4th round of the IXS European cup in Spicak went. Finishing off a mammoth round trip from Italy-Andorra-Italy-Germany-Czech Republic, we were very glad to put the feet up when we got to … Continue reading Spicak European cup 2018

2018 World Cup #4, Val Di Sole, Italy

Val Di Sole,Valley of the sun....or so it’s called. Infamous in biking history for Sam Hill’s run at the 2008 World Championships where,  6 seconds up on the world’s best he famously crashed in the last corner and still finished 3rd. A real downhill track that’s fast, rough and unforgiving from start to finish. If … Continue reading 2018 World Cup #4, Val Di Sole, Italy

Abetone, European IXS cup 2018

Going to new places is cool and, apart from the obvious biking thing, is one of the main reasons why love what I do. There is something unique about turning up to somewhere you have never been before and seeing what it is all about. Given that the majority of races we go to are … Continue reading Abetone, European IXS cup 2018

Kranjska Gora European cup 2018

Continuing on from Leogang, I’m going to spice up the blog format this weekend and so hereby I present to you, Kranjska Gora European Cup (Slovenia) in Pie chart format, we’ll start things off easy: When we got to the top, we decided to go down a flow trail, this made up for the bad … Continue reading Kranjska Gora European cup 2018

2018 World Cup #3, Leogang, Austria

Leogang has always been a strange old race. Exhilarating and exciting for the fans, frustrating or rewarding for the racers. A place of extremes in everything from weather to the race track, there aren’t many places that make Fort William seem slow but Leogang is definitely one of them. The trip down from Fort William … Continue reading 2018 World Cup #3, Leogang, Austria

World Cup #1, Losinj Croatia

So often when we race, we end up in the same places. Fort William, Leogang, Val Di Sole, Andorra, Mont Sainte Anne, Lenzerheide and La Bresse are all venues we have been to before. While this doesn’t make them less enjoyable, it is always nice to have a new face on the block. After all, … Continue reading World Cup #1, Losinj Croatia

Val Di Sole World Cup 2017

The end of the season always comes around faster than you expect it. I was talking about it with Harry the other day, when I come to Europe the first month always flys by. Plentiful races and a crazy travel schedule always seem to pass time at a crazy speed. The second month is a … Continue reading Val Di Sole World Cup 2017