Lenzerheide World Cup 2016

Rapid fire on the blogs this week! This time I am writing to you from Lenzerheide in Switzerland where we have just finished up round 5 of the World Cup series!

After Spicak last weekend, we spent a few days heading down through Austria to Switzerland via a stop at the KTM factory for a tour of their facilities and to send ourselves off a ski-jump in Leogang! This was an amazing experience and something that definitely needs to be revisited in the future with proper planning!

Despite the increase in costs, Switzerland is a gorgeous place, stunning mountains and picturesque lakes make for an amazing place to ride your bike. This coupled with a full on race-track meant that it was going to be a good week!

Track walk revealed a line with minimal changes and given that I enjoyed last years track I was stoked on the similarities and was ready to keep my rise up rankings going.

Dropping in for the first practice runs – Pic: Klemen Humar

First practice was a shake-up for me. Going into the day with a few pre-conceived ideas based on how last years track rode was a big mistake and despite enjoying the track/conditions I was struggling to really get up to pace. I took a step back to try and re-evaluate why this was but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  This said by the end of the day I had a few good lines down and was confident that with a good nights rest I would be able to step things up for qualifying the next day.

It was hot all week in Lenzerheide! Pic - Eibi Fox
It was hot all week in Lenzerheide! Pic – Eibi Fox
Heading into the step up at Mach chicken - Pic: Jay French/ Freeride New Zealand
Heading into the step up at Mach chicken – Pic: Jay French/ Freeride New Zealand

Qualifying day brought with it the lifting of the weather curse that seems to be following us around this year. Finally things stayed dry and after some good practice runs in the morning I was confident that I wouldn’t have any troubles making it into the top 80. The run itself started a bit slowly but I built into things as I went down, crossing the 3rd split in 50th position, I was feeling good before things started to unravel a bit. Over braking into corners and a lapse in concentration meant I dropped back 22 places in 1 minute of riding to make it through to the big show in 72nd position. This shook me up a touch however I was determined not to let it get to me and went home to watch some helmet cams and find those lost seconds!

Cruising through the top rock garden – Pic: Jay French/Freeride New Zealand

Race day was another sunny day and boy did it feel good to be putting sun-screen on instead of a raincoat!

Through watching my helmet cams the night before I had identified a few sections to have a look at and after stopping on my first run I headed up for my second run ready to put it all together. The 2nd practice run was a struggle, looking back on it now I think I was trying to do too much in one run and this caused my issues but after having a tough weekend I wanted to try and get everything sorted for my race! Despite this I actually felt quite confident before my run, after all, it was just another race run. I knew where I was going to be able to push and where I would do better to focus on riding smooth over maximum pace.

Into the gate and the familiar beeps sent me on my way.  I felt a little tight in the first corners but calmed down and felt like I rode the next section quite cleanly. A big mistake just before split 1 put me back off the pace I struggled to recover, the confidence just wasn’t there and I tightened up. I tried to force myself to loosen off a bit but this was hard to do mid-run and I couldn’t shake it.  Crossing the line with a time that is slower than your qualifying time is never a good start and I was bitterly disappointed with the final result of 70th.

Looking back on another race weekend! onto the next one! Pic - Zach Faulkner/Descent World
Looking back on another race weekend! onto the next one! Pic – Zach Faulkner/Descent World

With 6 races in 6 weekends I do feel like I have been battling a bit of fatigue both physically and mentally and it will be nice to have the next 10 days to rest up and prepare for the 5th European Cup in Les Deux Alpes, France!



Lenzerheide World Cup 2015

After the success of Totdnau the weekend before, I was keen to carry on my good form into the fourth round of the World Cup in Lenzerheide. I had been looking forward to going back to Lenzerheide; I raced there in 2014 and had a good result finishing in 6th place at a Swiss IXS cup so knew that it was a track I could ride well. Confidence is a necessity at this level and between the result at Totdnau and the knowledge that Lenzerheide was a track that I liked meant that I was on the hunt for a good finish!

After the wet start to the season, it was nice to look at the forecast for the week and see nothing but bright yellow suns all the way through to Sunday. With the track already dusty it was going to make for a slippery weekend and the tires would be fighting the unpredictable dust for grip the whole way down. Track walk revealed a few changes to last year that ultimately made for a better track, though why there was so much man made track when the forest right next to the track just screamed World Cup downhill track had many people  scratching their heads.

Credit: Sebastian Schieck

Having walked the track the next task was trying to get to grips with it during our first training session. First runs were a scary affair; the track was fast, super fast, not to mention it already had its fair share of braking bumps from the public riding it in the lead up to the race. That said it was a good ride, challenging with plenty of sections for line choice and a good amount of jumps to keep the fun factor high. I was enjoying riding and after spending a good 3-4 runs figuring out where I wanted to go, I set about getting myself up to speed which was happening faster than usual, a good sign that the confidence was up.  By the time practice was over I was happy with how things were going and was really looking forward to qualifying the next day.

Credit: Sebastian Schieck

Qualifying day was another stunner, sunny and hot from the get go, and I was very relieved that the Swiss cycling federation had decided to go with the UCI guidelines for compulsory protection rather than enforce their own like some federations do. The more relaxed guidelines certainly made life a lot more comfortable in the in the 30 degree heat that was feeling more like Australia than Switzerland.  After watching some onboard footage from riders the night before I ended up doing one more run than normal (four)  to change a couple of lines and ride them at race pace but with the extra run being a really solid, smooth ride I felt that it was worth the extra energy to feel ready.  I headed back to get geared up feeling 150% prepared to get up the hill and make business happen.

Credit: Sebastian Schieck

Sitting in the start hut, I had no nerves, no second guessing, I was just ready, ready to get out there and into it. My start was a bit wild, the first corner had been blown away but I carried good speed around it and off into the rest of the track. I seem to remember thinking “hmm this is going reasonably well” it did seem like things were really starting to pay off, all that hard work and preparation was finally coming good, first split came and went and I was in 36th, looking good for a top 40!  I went through the second split in 42nd which was fine except for one thing…. I once again had a flat tire…. having got it about 25 seconds before the 2nd split it took a while to deflate completely but by the time I went through the second split it was definitely game over. This meant that for the third time this season I finished a timed run with a flat tire. No idea how it happened or what caused it. I was devastated, especially when I saw my split times, even writing this now three days on I can’t believe it happened. It seems like a bad dream that I haven’t had a single flat tire this whole year except for during three of the most important runs of the season. I have been trying various different methods to keep the air where it is supposed to be but so far nothing seems to be a concrete solution…

Credit: Sebastian Schieck

Flat tire aside, this weekend was a success, I know I am riding at a World Cup pace, I feel confident on the bike, I am fit and healthy, the only thing left to do is keep that bloody air in my tire and I will be away laughing.  The next stop for me is Les Deux Alpes in France for the Crankworx festival/ IXS European cup. Check back next week to see how things went in the land of baguettes and croissants!