Kranjska Gora European cup 2018

Continuing on from Leogang, I’m going to spice up the blog format this weekend and so hereby I present to you, Kranjska Gora European Cup (Slovenia) in Pie chart format, we’ll start things off easy:

When we got to the top, we decided to go down a flow trail, this made up for the bad decision we made in riding up. It went pretty close to the Dh track so we had a quick look at a few sections before trackwalk the next day.

Pic: Rick Schubert

The next day we got a look at the race track which was broken down into the following:

This would directly be affected by the following weather outcomes:

And turn the aforementioned track makeup (still not the mascara) into the following:

Ok so, onto practice: Day one

Pic: Rick Schubert

I felt really good on the bike after day one. A short but intense track with both high speed and slow speed sections, great fun to ride and a nice change having less pressure than the previous two World Cups.

Weather watch, day two:

I have to say, during practice I really wasn’t feeling too good and was reasonably apprehensive towards qualifying, despite less pressure; I was really looking to get myself on the podium, preferably top step and wanted to put a solid run in on practice day to help set this up.

Pic: Rick Schubert

The other thing about IXS cups that I want to mention is that you see some quite crazy goings on during practice with people pushing it right to the limit and quite often well beyond as shown below:

With all the excitement out of the way, I could focus on riding and after a quick lie down at home we headed up to put our best foot forward. Results below interesting graph:

Despite the above, I felt fast and finished in 3rd place in qualifying just .4 of a second back and couldn’t wait to have another go on race day!

Weather watch day 3:


With the above locked in, let’s take a quick look at what was going through my head on track:

OK, race time. This time each of the sectors represents a quarter of the track, a note about each and the size of the sector is how satisfied I was with each:

I crossed the line in 3rd place and was immediately disappointed knowing of the big mistake after the split time. I’m not sure why I unclipped, I wasn’t doing anything unusual but for some reason they popped out. That said, super glad to save my run and get to the bottom. With only two guys left I was still on the podium and looking to stay in 3rd if at all possible.

When it was all said and done, I finished in 4th place. Happy but not satisfied, I guess it’s hard when you are only .6 off the win however some podium time and a little bit of cash will help keep things moving forward!  Really looking forward to a weekend off before we head back to Italy for the next IXS cup round in Abetone!

Pic: Rick Schubert

I also managed to land a bit of time in the highlight reel from the weekend that you can see below (Starting at around the 2.55 mark)

Annnnnnddd just to finish this off:


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