Ilmenau IXS Cup 2015

Hi there, just a short blog this time as time is tight! But hopefully it is a welcome break from my  previous essay’s and you enjoy it nonetheless!

After another 2 week break from racing it was time for the final leg of the trip before I head back home, hopefully to more summer! The setting for the first of the last two races was Ilmenau, Germany for the 4th round of the German IXS Cup.  Having heard nothing but good things about this race I was really looking forward to experiencing what everybody calls “the best race in Germany” .

Credit: Freestyle Media World

Arriving to a cold, grey day, it definitely felt like summer is gone and autumn is well and truly here. Thankfully though, the smatterings of rain the days before hadn’t affected the track and we were greeted with what looked like one of the coolest tracks of the year. Nice turns, technical jumps and some really loose dirt, along with a big ski jump at the end of the track meant that everybody was amped to get out there and ride!

Credit: Freestyle Media World

Gladly my initial impressions from track walk were spot on and the first couple of runs were some of the best I have had all season, seeing as this is the first and only new track that I will be racing this year I think the excitement was partly due to this but nonetheless I was having a great time and finished the day feeling good and ready for seeding the next day.

Credit: Freestyle Media World

Having had a good result at the last German cup in Totdnau, I was keen to put on a good showing in my seeding run so I knew how hard I would be able to push come race-time.  I had a good start to my seeding run but that was about it with my head just not being in the game and riding quite frankly like an idiot. No particular mistakes or crashes but just a culmination of little things getting me down and this was reflected in my time when I crossed the line in 21st position…confused as to how things had gone so wrong, I went home, rested and tried to relax and prepare for the race the following day.

Credit: Tobsen PiXs

Another sunny race day left me a happy boy and 3 good practice runs in the morning were enough to get the confidence back up and I was ready to go! A good warm up at the top, game face on and into the start-hut once again.  Another strong start got me into a good rhythm and unlike the day before I had the sense of urgency back and was riding much better. The only problem being that on a short 2 minute track, you have to be perfect and as this was a race run on a loose and dusty track, I fell victim to 3 or 4 costly errors that would ultimately see me finish way off the back in 18th which is certainly not what I was looking for. I don’t know what has happened this year with my race runs but I am determined to change it around for the next weekend in Leogang and then it will be time for a well-earned break!


On the plus side, at least in terms of mechanical mishaps my luck seems to have turned around!

See you all next weekend for the final race of the European season!


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