Road Trip 1 Morzine, France – Val di Sole Italy

After picking up Gladys we only had a short time for pleasantries with her before packing up all our gear and heading out of Morzine on our first big trip away from “home”.  Val di Sole was our destination a solid 600km away and as Gladys wasn’t the fastest girl on the road we envisioned … Continue reading Road Trip 1 Morzine, France – Val di Sole Italy


Got Wheels??

Europe is a big place, like REALLY big, so big in fact that public transport (let alone biking) from race to race is not an option and so we need wheels, BIG wheels. With 2 bikes and a big gear bag  each, your little Econovan just isnt going to cut the mustard, we need proper … Continue reading Got Wheels??

Introduction to Europe

With my Departure date looming large in front of me the last 8 days have been nothing short of a colourful blur as I have tried to organize myself for this epic adventure. Packages appearing, bikes arriving, people visiting and organizing last minute funds were all a part of my daily life and it seemed as if … Continue reading Introduction to Europe